Data Center Manager / Head

PFB the details:

1 Key responsibility would be to manage the IT Infrastructure of Datacenter.

2. Build security practices, Support larger information security program & activities.

3. Provide technical understanding of existing & emerging information security risks.

4. Ensure integration of information security program, Conduct IT infra Audit

5. Ensure that all hardware is properly sized using scientific sizing process and sizing tools as per the business and application requirements

6. Ensure that all Data Centre hardware are continuously monitored using various monitoring tools

7. Ensure that the monitoring tools raise appropriate alerts and communicate these alerts to the responsible personnel as per the escalation matrix

8. Ensure that all alerts are addressed, before any of the alerts results in downtime or data corruption

9. Prepare maintenance schedule of all Data Centre hardware and applications and ensure that the schedule is circulated to all the users.

10. Minimize breakdown times and ensure that breakdown maintenance is done after proper communication as per the relevant IT processes

11. Ensure all backups are happening as per the schedule

12. Prepare phase-out plans for all data center systems and ensure that the systems are retired at the least cost and without any business interruptions.

13. Ensure that all systems complain the licensing policy of the software vendors and if not, notify the management of all such violations and the impact of such violations.

14. Ensure that suitable Operating system software is running on the systems in Data Centre.

15. Periodically update the OS software with service packs and patches in coordination with the Database and Applications team

16. Review Backup and Restore policy periodically based on the changing organizational requirements and ensure that the policy is adhered to by all the Data Centre engineers.

17. Ensure that all Single Point of Failures are addressed in the Data Center

18. Ensure that the servers are protected from the following threats: virus, hacking, spams, phishing, and identity thefts.

19. Should have handled MULTIPLE DATA CENTERS right from commissioning stage to 24X7 working stage.

Employer: MGRM Net Limited
Salary: ₹ Not Disclosed by Recruiter
Industry: Software Development
Location: Gurgaon

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