Franchise Ownership ( Earning Potential – 4 Lakh Per Month )

Designation : Franchise Owner ( Earning Potential – 4 Lakh Per Month)

Note : For fastest response call us directly at 9846998992 (Mr Krishna Prasad)

Company: Pro Trading India (

Qualifications: To be a franchise of our company you must have prior trading experience and 2 years of experience of managing any business in your city only then you can apply to become leading franchise with the earning potential of 4 lacs per month once established also the monthly profit grows as the business expands.

Business Support : On first day of becoming our franchise you will get the first client from our side so your business income will start from the first day itself and all of the business expenses will get paid from this first client itself making your business in profit from the very first day.

Work Role: You will get 2 to 3 clients to franchise on daily basis from 100 km range through our client acquisition system. Role of franchise will be to communicate with clients and show them past performance and activate there trials and guide them through our trading services for which franchise will receive complete training. On every client additions to the franchise client base the franchise manager makes a profit of around one lac per month per client so lets say after 6 months you have ten clients so your earnings potential will be10 lac per month.

Qualifying Process : We provides business to only one franchise at one location so when you send forms applying for it at your location then your application will be reviewed and compared with others who are applying in that region if you have an edge then you will be eligible to be franchise manager of that location.

Essentialities : For running portfolio management franchise business you must have at least 3 years of prior business handling experience.

Business Licence : If your profile is approved by our company for acquiring franchise then you can proceed to avail 5 year licence to run your business.

For Fast Response : Whatsapp your details and experience at 9846998992 (Pro Trading India – Kerala Zone) 

Note: You can work as a franchise manager parallel to your current job and make a powerful business with our support generating second stream of parallel income with earning potential of 4lakh per month.

Employer: Pro Trading India
Salary: ₹ Earning Potential of 400,000.00 p.m ( 4 lacs per month)
Industry: Stocks & Trading
Location: Kochi

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