Clinic Manager( HCL Healthcare – Nagpur)

Job Description

1. Strategic Role
a. Based on Corporate strategic plan prepares the Annual Operating Budget and performance targets for the clinic in collaboration with Head of Clinical Operations.
b. Ensuring tie-ups with Corporate, institutional, local bodies etc.
c. Implement the vision of the company in the assigned clinic.
d. Provide direction and leadership to clinic staff.

2. Operations
a. Devise and implement action plans for achievement of financial targets of the clinic.
b. Oversee the processes, procedures, equipment and other facilities in clinics and ensure highest standards are followed.
c. Ensure timely documentation is followed by consultants/doctors, Nurses, etc.
d. Ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained in the clinic. Ensure clinic premises are cleaned and made presentable by housekeeping at least half hour prior to the opening of the clinic.

e. Oversee safekeeping of medical records and ensure availability of the same at all times for auditing & reference purposes.
f. Maintain an efficient patient feedback and response system to ensure patient issues being resolved in timely manner.
g. Oversee procurement, materials management and inventory management and ensure cost effectiveness.
h. Coordinate with the Quality and ensure that all clinical policies and procedures within the clinic meets the requirements of NABH, State/Local rules & regulations and other licensing or accrediting bodies
i. Initiate periodic clinic review and ensure timely execution of the initiatives.
j. Monitor the performance of the clinic in terms of revenue & profitability against targets and take corrective steps as required.
k. Undertake cost optimization initiatives such as reducing the usage of consumables, monitoring Fixed & variable costs etc.
l. Ensure that medical waste management system is ongoing according to standards
m. Ensure that ethical Medical practice is followed at all times at the clinic.
n. Interact with patients and attendants whenever required and establish a good rapport.
o. Coordinate with the Area Sales Manager in establishing HCL Healthcare brand in the vicinity through various sales and marketing campaigns.
p. Act as an escalation point for all operational issues related to the facility and take necessary action by interfacing with the concerned stakeholder
q. Ensure all the collaterals are displayed outside the clinic.
r. Ensure all instruments have been sterilized and consumables required have been requisitioned well in advance.
s. Oversee duty rosters in order to ensure effective utilization of manpower and take corrective measures to ensure the discipline in the centers.
t. Ensuring clinic meets all the legal compliances for example: lease deed, bio med waste pollution control certificate, labour law certificate etc.
u. To maintain close liaison with government authorities and officials in the health department, telephone, electricity and municipality
v. To ensure purchase and store (consumables and non-consumables)
w. Ensuring highest degree of customer service to the patients and leading by example
x. Recruitment
i. Assist in recruitment of all technical and non-technical personnel
y. Vendors
i. Conclude contractors for security, housekeeping, AMC and CMC’S for equipment
ii. Work with procurement team for AMC and CMC of the equipment
iii. Maintain the efficiency of equipment in liaison with Procurement

3. HR
a. Carries out annually the appraisal of employee based on their performance.
b. Assist in employee engagement, appraisal and promotions.
c. Assist in setting out targets & growth of doctors.
d. Support HR in establishing clinic performance requirements and set the KRA for all the employees in coordination with HR.
e. Support HR in investigating and resolving critical issues and attritions and ensure better work environment at by ensuring that employee engagement levels are high at the clinic.

4. Employee Growth and Development
a. Encourage and develop team members multifunctionality.
b. To motivate and improve the efficiency of the doctors and assistants and ensure quality parameters are met.
c. Identify and nominates team members for training programs that enhance knowledge and skills.
d. Identifying and categorizing various types of performers in the department and chalking out an action plan for their development and growth in tune with the strategies and objectives of the organization and in consultation with HR department.

5. Marketing
a. Responsible for the P & L of the Clinic.
b. Ensure visibility of doctors & clinic.

6. Finance
a. Assist in pricing of products in sync with markets.
b. Maintain cost and control on daily basis.
c. Monitor the budget utilization and other financial measures for the department; Study and analyze causes for significant deviation (if any) from budget and take corrective action for the same.

Instills and channelizes people orientation, reinforces the belief that people are the key in achieving organizational
objectives and focuses on people development.

Develops multi functionality.
Identify and attend training programs that would enhance knowledge and skills required for development of self, functional and multi-functional abilities and capabilities.
Benchmarks and implements best practices in the departmental functioning, which would not settle for complacency.

Job Performance parameters
MIS (Financial Targets, Operational Costs, Attrition, Maintenance Costs, New Business Growth, Repeat Customers)
Employee productivity (manpower budget)
Department performances budget and controls (best practices)
Attendance and punctuality
Total service quality Matrix (Customer- Internal and external complaints, Employee Grievances, Employee Turnover, etc.)
Timely information flow to the top management
Efforts in developing the team members
Adhering and promoting organizational policies/ strategies
Multi Functionality
Creative initiatives of the department in achieving goals
Positive attitude
Personal Grooming and etiquette

Relationship Structure

Subordinates and Peers
Takes decision on all operational and team members that are outside the purview of subordinates.
Keeps in touch with his/her entire team by regular meetings.
Contributes to strengthen the internal HR network in the company.
Represents the department or team in the management meeting and other medical or department related committees.
Responsible for maintaining an excellent relationship at all levels between his/her department and other departments.
Co-ordinates with other departments to ensure implementation of his/her clinic strategies/policies.
Customers and Outsiders
Builds relationship with other dignitaries in the healthcare industry and other key local dignitaries.
Maintains professional relationship with all external professional agencies/contact person.
Actively networks with his/her contemporaries in other industry to stay abreast of latest developments and initiatives.
Shared Values
To internalize the values and code of conduct and effectively practice at all times to enhance customer satisfaction and organizational effectiveness.
Value and conduct in putting the customer first, the company second and self-last.
Value and conduct in providing excellent care for customers with preemptive attention for their needs, detail in quality service, responding with excellent grace and style and empathize with customers by showing warmth and utility service concern.
Value and conduct in demonstrating and channeling people orientation, reinforcing the belief that people are key in achieving objectives and focusing on people development and mobility.
Value and conduct in a highest level of ethical standards-intellectual, financial and moral.
Value and conduct in building and maintaining excellent team work, emanating from mutual trust and increasing organizational efficacy.
Value and conduct in an open culture that eschews the short term quick fix for the long-term establishment of healthy precedent.
Value and conduct in instilling and channeling people orientation, reinforcing the belief that people are key in achieving organizational objectives and focusing on people development and mobility.
Value and conduct in safeguarding the security, health and environment of customers, employees and the assets of the company.

Employer: HCL Corporation Private Limited
Salary: ₹ Not Disclosed by Recruiter
Industry: Healthcare & Medicine
Location: Nagpur

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