Head – Operations (Chennai)

Job Description:

Qualification: B.Tech / Mechanical /Production / Chemical / EEE

Exp: 20-25 Yrs of experience

Job Description:

(1) Set the overall vision and strategy of the Company and communicate it well to all the stakeholders.

(2) Recruit, hire and retain the best talents for the Company.

(3) Develop, establish and communicate and ensure practice of the Company’s values, beliefs, do’s & don’ts and foster alignment and team spirit at all levels. Development of ethical values and cultural sensitivity in the light of workforce diversity.

(4) Work with all to create and maintain a learning and implementation focused Company with “Outstanding Execution” as the new DNA.

(5) Make the “Customer” as the sole focus of all operations and establish the best in class Service Delivery organization.

(6) Understand that higher sales velocity increases inventory velocity, which, in turn, increases production or service velocity, finance velocity, human capital velocity, and systems velocity. The expectation is to synchronize these velocities in a cohesive manner.

(7) Implement the goal congruence concept by linking individual employee goals with those of the department and the organization. Remove the conflicting goals.

(8) Implement crosscutting best practices across the departments and functions through busting silos and building bridges.

(9) Link employee rewards, promotions to employees’ true performance and tangible results, and empower employees.

(10) Establish a solid and sustainable chain of knowledge linked through the entire management hierarchy to ensure core knowledge competencies for all levels of employees in the organization.

(11) Encourage employees at all levels of the organization to think differently and radically (i.e., out-of-the-box thinking) at all times, which can lead to new perspectives providing best-of-breed solutions.

(12) Analyze outside-in views (i.e., views of stakeholders about company management) and inside-out views (i.e., views of company management about stake-holders) to identify disconnections between these views and to integrate them in a coherent manner.

Employer: Pavan Consultancy Services
Chennai, India, Management

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