SCM Manager


  • Manages the purchase of materials, supplies, services and preservation at the best overall price, quality, delivery and inventory level


  • Purchases capital equipment, services, chemicals, MRO supplies, packaging materials and construction needs as required.
  • Supports corporate, plant purchasing goals, policies +and procedures. Maintains proper ethical standards and behavior.
  • Establishes and develops suppliers working towards long term relationships with suppliers. Performs supplier performance evaluations.
  • Provides follow up and expediting as necessary to assure best price, quality and delivery is obtained.
  • Negotiates blanket/contract agreements whenever possible. Provides purchasing related information and support to other departments as needed.
  • Works with Accounting on invoice corrections and approve invoicing when different from Purchase Order.
  • Reviews requisitions for accuracy and ensures correctness of purchase orders and releases issued.
  • Supports continuous improvement activities.
  • Plus from time to time, any other activities that are deemed within your capability that you can carry out safely


  • All capital purchases must meet corporate standards. Chemicals must have Material Safety Data Sheets and meet safety and environmental approval. Packing must meet customer specifications. MRO & Construction must meet quality standards.
  • Ensure the correct level of quality materials are ordered and in stock to meet company requirements, while achieving aggressive and dynamic targeted inventory levels.
  • Work with regional Corporate Sourcing to ensure a unified effort is in place to achieve key objectives.
  • Manages online internal approval levels of requisitions. Ensures all requisitions above $5000 have proper signature and 3 bids/direct source justification
  • Ensure compliance of all HLI procurement policies and procedures, and respond to and correct, any audit finding, in the most effective
  • and efficient manner.
  • Suppliers selected on price, capability, quality standards, location, financial stability. Evaluates according to ISO/TS standards.
  • Work on supplier development programs to ensure all approved suppliers meet our cost, quality and delivery objectives
  • Arrange vender shelf stock on standard items – enter blankets for long lead time items. Multi-source critical items for backup.
  • Uses corporate standards, multi-plant volume and ISO/TS approved vendors. Source new products and provide vendor technical support.
  • Review all invoices based on purchase order information, receipts and invoice accuracy.
  • Review for proper vendor pay site, accounting department/account number, and authorization according to policy.
  • Seek new materials or products to improve process or eliminate waste.
  • On an As Needs basis


  • Assesses training needs and supports employee training, including communication of procedures and work practices to employees in their area of responsibility.
  • Communicates procedures and work practices.
  • Complies with applicable health, safety and environmental legal and other requirements.


  • Stop any unauthorized process related activities affecting the quality of the products manufactured.
  • To stop any activities, which may endanger someones safety, cause an environmental accident, or produce defective product


  • Ensure that the Quality Systems and EMS system in accordance with TS16949 and ISO 14001 standards respectively are adhered to and implemented at all time.
  • This document covers the main responsibilities for this position, however there should be a recognition that as the needs of the business change there may be a requirement to take on additional roles outside of those listed above. If those roles are determined to be more than a short-term issue then this job description will be amended accordingly
  • All employees are required to perform/conduct all business functions/transactions in line with the companys Legal and Ethical Compliance Policy



  • Organization
  • Oral and written communications
  • Planning
  • Negotiation
  • Judgment
  • Leadership
  • People development
  • Contracting / business law


  • 15 years of experience in materials management
  • 5-6 years supervisory experience
  • BE Mechanical and Bachelor Degree in Business or equivalent preferable.


  • Initiative
  • Creativity
  • Commitment
  • Communication


  • The job works in conditions with frequent exposure (80%) to noise, odors, dust, drafts, chemicals, operating machinery, temperature conditions.

Employer: Edge In Asia Recruitment Pvt. Ltd
Salary: ₹ other
Industry: Automobiles
Location: Pune

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