Supply Planner

Supply planner is responsible for a scope of finished products in defined Distibution Center

Supply Planner activities are:

Ensure quality of master data related to DRP
Update key master data under his responsibility to APO-SNP
Ensure other critical data of APO-SNP are updated and accurate and challenge data owner
Escalate proactively any unsolved data inaccuracy

Collect, analyze, split and challenge the sales forecasts
Supply planner collects the collaborative sales forecasts and splitted by shipping location (the location from where the sales order of outside group customers will be delivered), which is generally the last delivery point to outside-group customers.
Supply planner analyze last-month collaborative sales forecasts accuracy with demand planner(s) and challenges it if necessary: e.g.
Critical information is also collected such as:
Promotions on a specific range in a country
Price increase in a country with impacts on sales quantity
Product launch delay because of industrialization issues
Impact on sales due to current shortage crisis
Supply planner collect also distribution plans sent by the other supply planner(s) and process the same steps (1-2-3)

Plan inventory and review stocking policy
Based on last FMR analysis, supply planner coordinates the stocking policy review with marketing product manager(s) and logistic offer manager: related stock parameters modification should be executed by stock controllers.
If some products are phased out, supply planner coordinates with marketing product manager(s): related stock parameter adjustments (e.g. decrease SS and lot size) are executed by stock controllers.
In case of obsolete products to be sold in another country, supply planner coordinates the stock rebalancing with other supply planner(s).
For all the products replenished based on the forecasts, supply planner sends last collected forecasts to stock controllers for stock parameters optimisations.
Based on Air/Sea ratio analysis, the supply planner challenge the procurement flows and assesses potential modifications. Related stock parameters adjustments (lead time, procurement mode) are executed by stock controllers.
Based on last month MPS, supply planner coordinates the anticipation stock build-up in distribution network. Related stock parameters adjustments (anticipation stock quantity and calendar) are executed by stock controllers.
Coordinate shortage crisis resolution.
Note: In case of shortage, the Distribution plan is constrained by factory capacity.

Generate & transmit the distribution plan to plant for Master Production Schedulling:
Based on newly adjusted inventory planning, Sales Forecast, stock level and shortages, the supply planner generates a distribution plan determining the procurement need.
The supply planner manage quota in case of multi-sourcing
Supply planner transmits the distribution plan to suppliers:
outside group suppliers
Production planner in Schneider plant
Additional information are also transmitted such as critical sales events, future change in network (eg: air to sea transportation mode change) or critical inventory level.
Supply planner is challenged about previous distribution plan accuracy

validate distribution plan with production planner
collect production plan from MPS and integrate it back in DRP
assess impact on network, identify critical issues & propose mitigation: Rebalance inventory, deploy excess stock, allocate scare resources, change transportation mode
validate plan in collaboration with production planner and related supply planners

Deploy distribution plan in network & release it to execution in DC , escalate unsolved issues
release plan to execution in DC
Coordinate shortage crisis resolution (see Red Alert process).
escalate unsolved issues to management so to be tackled during S&OP process. Propose mitigation scenarios to be decided with stakes and drawback


1 General context

Complex distribution flows makes difficult to propagate a good signal. Challenging role to dispatch and rebalance inventory.
Multinational and cross-cultural working environment: the main interlocutors of the Supply planner (Production planner and Demand Managers) may be located in different country/zone.
Ability to support change: Supply Chain network is not stable, and planning processes are under deployement with new tools. Supply planners must adapt themselves to the changing processes, organizations and tools.

2 Specific challenges of the position

The big added-value of the Supply planner is to bring collaboration between Production planner in factory and Demand Planenr in countries:
Ability to combine understanding of market and manufacturing constraints
Ability to challenge his interlocutors (forecast accuracy, production attainment, ..)
Ability to manage opposite constrains (reduce inventory, increase service level)

3 Opportunities

The opportunities to be Supply planner is to develop:
complex organization knowledge over an international scope
cross-functional knowledge both on demand & supply sides
quick adaptation skills to work in an evolving environment due to current deployments

Employer: Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd.
Salary: ₹ Not Disclosed by Recruiter
Industry: Appliances
Location: Gurgaon

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