Infection Control Nurse

1. Daily visits to all wards and patient holding units.
2. Checking reports and records to telltale** signs of infection.
3. Collection and tabulation of daily data of incidence of hospital infection data include identification and location of patient, the date of admissions and onset of infection, the type of infection, the cultures taken and the results, any antibiotics administered and the identity of physician responsible.
4. Ensuring that samples of blood, stool, sputum, urine, swab, when indicated are collected and dispatched to the laboratory in time.
5. Laboratory records are an important surveillance tool and data source.
6. Initiating hospital infection control form while documenting for nosocomial infections.
7. Computation of ward wise, discipline wise or procedure wise statistics.
8. Daily visit of laboratory to ascertain results of previous days sample.
9. Warning treating doctor on any positive cultures.
10. Monitoring and supervision of infection among hospital staff.
11. Monitoring and supervision of infection control practices among hospital staff.
12. Training of nurses to and paramedical personnel on correct use of hygiene practices and aseptic techniques.
13. Assist in bacteriological studies of all cases.

Employer: Sterling Addlife India Private Ltd
Salary: ₹ Medical, Healthcare, Hospitals
Industry: Other
Location: Rajkot

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