Job Opportunity for BAMS Doctors

1. We need the doctor to provide his insight onto the medical fraternity and help raise the practical value of the app by sharing latest medical content, connect with peers and help them solve their doubts and share their personal knowledge with the Medical world

2. Contribute and strive towards the growth of the Medicus App

3. Work towards increasing the brand value of the App by:
: – Talk about the App with their colleagues and friends
: – Spread the word about Medicus at Doctor conferences and seminars
: – Use social media like Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp and LinkedIn

4. Be updated about the latest medical developments and share that information on the Medicus App

5. Come with dynamic suggestions based on the psychology of doctors to bring significant
developments in the Medicus App

Some features of the Medicus App:
1. A complete holistic database of Medicines from all the Manufactures with the ability to find them based on Brand name, diseases, ingredients and even manufacturers

2. Compare two or more similar products and get complete information for the same right till the price difference in those two products

3. Connect directly with manufacturers and share vital feedback, or ask for a certain drug to be available in your locality, along with the ability to request a Sample all via the App

4. Maintain patient information along with the ability to send appointment notifications directly to your patients

5. Get access to latest Medical news via the News Feed

6. Connect with doctors across India to get a free second opinion on any case, with an option to do it via chat/voice call and even video call

7. Connect with Hospitals and other doctors on the app for increased career opportunities

8. View extremely knowledgeable webinars right from the App
With all such amazing features available on the Medicus App we have embarked on this journey of Digitalization and improving the healthcare space in this country and for that we need extraordinary individuals like yours.

We at Medicus offer Doctors an option to work from home too that is no relocation is required.

We would recommend that doctors download and interact with the Medicus App thoroughly before
applying for the job, you can search for the app on both the Google play store and the Apple app
store, download links are mentioned below:
For more information check us out at

Employer: Curis Technologies Private Limited
Salary: ₹ Medical / Healthcare / Hospitals
Industry: Healthcare & Medicine
Location: Kolkata

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