Collections Manager – Mumbai


Manage and deliver optimum performance in terms of roll backs, resolution and optimum utilization of field resources to increase efficiencies on the assigned portfolio.


Receivable Management

1. Follow up on strategies of field for the portfolio managed.
2. Monitor and review field team to achieve set targets.
3. Achieve the Resolution, Normalization & Rollbacks as per targets.
4. Inventory Control for reducing opening balance of portfolio using the roll back & normalization concepts.
5. Innovate and design strategies to effectively address disputes, expired etc cases to prevent any probable escalation and highlight sensitive accounts to Bucket manager/ Centre Manager to prevent the same
6. Ensure that the agency resources are optimally used wrt the number of visits, contacts, ptp conversion ratio etc.

Productivity Management

1. Ensure optimum delivery from field calling channel by maximizing resolutions/ roll backs/ normalization through given resources
2. Hold frequent review sessions/ define review mechanism to ensure maximum data churn and ptp conversion
3. Ensure field due coverage/ follow up of the portfolio allocated within stipulated time lines allotted to teams
4. Account level review of cases tagged as NC, dispute, expired etc
5. Ensure code of conduct/ regulatory norms are duly followed by field channels
6. Innovate tracing mechanism for effective conversion of no contacts into contacts and subsequently payments
7. Conduct field visits/ surprise visits on collectors for cases tagged as dispute, skip and high balance accounts where are marked as refuse to pay

Vendor Management

1. Relationship management with the pickup/ referral vendors
2. Ensure 100% compliance of the vendor to laid down process of DRA certification/ Police verification etc
3. Review all the receipts reported lost, cancelled and discrepant and take appropriate action against any particular field collector basis repeated lapses
4. Ensure all the field collectors deployed on the portfolio have valid id cards. Id cards/ receipt books are allocated only to resources deployed on the portfolio to ensure to misuse
5. Ensure compliance from the vendors on laid down processes eg Cash TAT etc.
6. Highlight instances where the same has not been adhered to the Bucket Manager/ Centre Manager

Negotiation & People Management

1. Facilitate and monitor recruitments with a clear objective of future requirements and timely communication of the same to the vendor to prevent shortfall of field resources
2. Design review mechanism along with agency supervisor to ensure adequate portfolio churn and set productivity bench marks.
3. Improve collection efficiency and maximize resolution/ roll backs.
4. Motivate the team in order to meet units targets.
5. Report instances of misconduct within the team and ensure that the team is aware of the expected integrity levels which need to be maintained
6. Set accountability and productivity bench marks and hold frequent feedback/ review to keep the team motivated towards achievement of overall objective

Process Management

1. Ensure Agency performance is tracked and documented with the help of report cards and performance related/ process related memos are initiated on account of any lapse discovered during the functioning of the team
2. Ensure there are no commitments given to customers which are not in lines with the process norms laid down by the Bank
3. Track instances of false commitments given by callers and report the same to Bucket manager if the same re- occurs
4. Cash deposit process including monitoring TAT taken by pick up agencies to deposit money collected.
5. Manage escalations and ensure resolution of all cases.
6. Ensure trainings/ refresher trainings for telecalling team members at regular intervals to enhance negotiation skills thus improving collection efficiencies
7. Ensure separate review of cases which is allocated to the same field resource for more than 6 months to ascertain there is no false commitment/ cash misappropriation on this account

Employer: HDFC Bank Limited
Salary: ₹ 3,00,000 - 7,00,000 P.A.
Industry: Stocks & Trading
Location: Mumbai

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